Hungarian Spinach

Babú’s standard birthday meal is Hungarian spinach (spenótfőzelék) and pork meatballs (fasírt). I haven’t ever been particularly keen on the latter, which can be quite heavy, but the spinach part has evolved into one of our staples, eaten with roast chicken or baked potatoes or lamb kofta. I’m not claiming my version is authentic butContinue reading “Hungarian Spinach”

Roast potatoes

This recipe combines all the tricks I’ve picked up for getting crisp, fluffy roast potatoes, so if you are forced to compromise on one element you should be fine. Serves 4 Ingredients 1kg floury potatoes (King Edwards/Maris Piper/bog-standard white potatoes)2 tbsp goose fat2 tsp salt1 tbsp fine semolina or polenta (optional) Method Preheat the ovenContinue reading “Roast potatoes”